Advanced SNORKELER Package
MAY 26/27


This course package on offer from Bottom Dwellers Freediving is a 1.5 Day Package where you’ll learn the fundamentals of Snorkelling in the PFI Snorkeler course and then build on those skilllsets with the safe practices and risk management techniques for snorkelling and freediving in the PFI Safe-Buddy Course. Learn proper and safe Snorkelling Techniques from a PFI Professional in this Advanced Snorkeler Package then take the skillsets learnt in the class and pool and adapt them to an live ocean setting while on a guided Bottom Dweller's Snorkel Adventure.

Includes: PFI Snorkeler Certification, PFI Safe Buddy Certification, All Instruction in Class, Confined Water and Open Water settings, Pool Booking and a guided in-water adventure on the final day.

Cost: $250 + GST

Classroom: 3 hours
Confined water: 4 hours
Open-Water: 2* hours in-water time (*pending variability of weather, conditions and groups ability)

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SUN MAY 26TH: Class 800am-1130am / Pool 12pm-4pm
MON MAY 27TH: Ocean Adventure: 900am - 12pm~


The PFI snorkeler course is the entry level course in the PFI education platform which Bottom Dwellers instructs. By taking the PFI Snorkeler course you will learn proper safety and problem management techniques, skills, techniques and the basics of surface snorkelling with the option of limited skin dives to a maximum of 5m/16'. Taking the PFI Snorkeler course will allow you when completed, to enjoy the aquatic world in a safe and knowledgeable manner. Heading on a warm water trip? Book a snorkeler course and head off on your adventure with the right knowledge to enjoy it safely and skillfully with the whole family. 


The PFI Safe Buddy program was designed by PFI to create a platform upon which its students and customers, certified or not, could learn about the safety procedures, rescue techniques and risk management methods which accompany safe freediving practices. This program was designed by PFI with the intention of helping increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course focuses solely on the safety and problem management for apnea training along with near blackout (Loss of Motor Control etc.) and blackout management. It does not include instruction for any freediving or breath-hold techniques as does the PFI Freediver courses.

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To hold a spot in the course, the form below must be filled out in full along with paying either a 50% deposit of the course fee or paying the course in full. Your spot in the course will not be held until both this form and the course deposit or full payment have been received by Bottom Dwellers. 

Payments may be made by arranging it with Bottom Dwellers directly, over the counter at HtO Surf Shop Uptown, or at our Online Store Here. Please be sure to fill out the required registration form below as well as making a full or deposit payment to reverse your seat in the class.

*IF A COURSE IS FULL and you are still interested in taking it, please feel free contact Bottom Dwellers by filling out the respective form for the course to be put on a wait list for that course. If a spot comes available, Bottom Dwellers will reach out to that wait list first to fill the course.

Performance Freediving International Courses offered by Bottom Dwellers Freediving provide the students within its courses with 'DAN's Student Medical Expense Coverage'

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