Nov 4th/Half Day Charter


This Freediving experience will take us for a Half Day Charter to Race Rocks on Steller Marine's 26' (9.5' wide) Dive Boat, 'Miss Emily', equipped with an enclosable 3/4 cabin boasting, a diesel heater to keep us all toasty and 'head' (toilet) to keep us decent! Beginning mid morning on Sunday Oct 28th we will depart from Pedder Bay Marina and put in the water in the back eddies of the Race Rocks area exploring the beauty which lies beneath the surface there-in. Enjoy the warmth on-board and the cold clear waters beneath from the high currents in the area which create amazing conditions for enjoying the abundance of sea life in this area.

***Please note that while freediving in the Race Rocks Area you may be approached by sea lions. Please respect these marine mammals and the body language they give you. If encountering a Sea Lion in this fashion is something that you'd rather not have happen or occur , this charter is not for you as they are curious and do approach us while in the water regularly.***

This charter is available to *Certified Freedivers* and Current PFI/BD Freediving Certification Students. *A Certified Freediver is a person who holds a valid Freediving Certification from recognized Freedive Instruction and Educational Agencies. This Certification is required to be of greater standard or equivalent to the PFI Freediver Level Certification. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding this. 

Certified Freediver: $109+GST
Student Freediver (*Supervised Freedive Session*): $159+GST
Payments made at Online Store Here

***Includes Safety Refresher and Half Day Boat Charter to Race Rocks Dive Site***


To hold a spot on the Charter, the form below must be filled out in full along with payment for your seat on the excursion. Your spot for the charter will not be held until both this form and payment have been received by Bottom Dwellers. 

Payments may be made by arranging it with Bottom Dwellers directly or at our Online Store Here. Please be sure to fill out the required registration form below as well as making a full or deposit payment to reverse your seat in the class.

*IF A CHARTER IS FULL and you are still interested in taking part, please feel free contact Bottom Dwellers by filling out the respective form for the course to be put on a wait list for that course. If a spot comes available, Bottom Dwellers will reach out to that wait list first to fill the course.

For more Information on the Charters for such things as EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS and other important details please follow the course description link here:

BOAT: MISS EMILY / CAPTAIN: Lyle Berzins of Steller Marine

“Miss Emily” is a 26ft Aluminum commercial passenger and dive boat. Safety equipment and captain are Transport Canada certified (Coast Guard) for up to 8 passengers. The 9.5ft width and open cabin provide lots of deck space. Miss Emily is powered by two 130hp Honda outboards. These provide a quiet 20-25 knot (40 km/h) cruising speed and excellent maneuverability. The cabin can be completely enclosed by lowering the canvas at the back and a forced air furnace keeps the cabin very warm. There is a toilet and dry storage in the bow.


Miss Emily is setup with diving in mind. A large dive ladder provides easy re-entry to the boat with heavy cold-water dive gear and large cameras. There are various seating options for large recreational groups or commercial dive operations with lots of equipment. Oxygen, first aid kit, VHF radio, EPIRB, cell phone on board. Lyle Berzins is the owner and captain of “Miss Emily”. He is a certified captain and commercial diver with +10 years experience in diving operations on the BC coast. The boat and captain carry full liability insurance.

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Bottom Dwellers has 6.5mm Oceaner Freediving Wetsuits for rent (Not Included in Course Package). If you're interested in renting a wetsuit, please leave Height and Weight in field below and this wetsuit rental can be arranged. Wetsuit Only - Does not include Boots and Gloves.
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I am aware that this is an exposed dive site and that due to weather the Charter may be cancelled at the Guides' discretion last minute. *
With a last minute cancellation of the trip Full Refund will be given to the clients of the Charter.

*To participate in any of Bottom Dwellers' Charters you must meet the requirements of the medical form provided by Performance Freediving International. You must also be a Certified Freediver with a PFI Freediver Level Equivalent or Greater Certification. Current Bottom Dwellers and PFI students whom are not yet certified will be able to attend the charter if they have obtained their Pool Certification and dive under the supervision and guidance of a Freediving Professional.*

***This Charter is Subject to cancellation due to foul weather day of. For this Charter if a last minute cancellation occurs, a full refund will be given to the potential guests***

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