Freedive-Harvesting &
Tide to Table Experience: May 4-6

Freedive-Harvesting course & Tide to Table Dinning Experience: May 4-6
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Bottom Dwellers Freediving in Partnership with Tofino Resort + Marina will be offering a variety of packages to choose from this 2019 season. From Freedive-Harvesting Courses and Tide to Table Package Experiences to PFI Freediver Courses there are a variety of options this 2019 season to get you in the water Freediving and Freedive-Harvesting safely and competently. For specific course and package details follow the links below. For more general information on courses offered through Bottom Dwellers Freediving scroll down the page for the specific links.


May 4-6 - $400* + GST

For Certified Freedivers / BD STudents

Freedive-Harvesting Course, CHARTER + Tide to Table dining Experience

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COST: $400* + GST

Included in all course costs: Instruction, Course Materials, Bottom Dwellers Course Shirt, Pool Bookings and Transportation from Tofino Resort and Marina via Sprinter Van to course site locations and back. Tide to Table Dinning Experience is included for the students taking part in the Tide to Table Packages and The Freedive-Harvesting Course Packages where applicable.*

*Not Included: Boat Fees, Accommodation or Rental Equipment. Students will be required to settle boat fees with Tofino Resort and Marina (TRM) upon arrival/check-in. Accommodations may be booked through TRM to have you on site for your course package and make your stay more comfortable and convenient. Rental equipment for certain items such as Wetsuits can be arrange with Chris Adair at Bottom Dwellers Freediving. For rentals or any other gear related questions for your course, do not hesitate to ask*

Freedive-Harvesting Course + Tide to Table Experience:

This course bridges the gap for the 'certified freediver' allowing them to grow as a safe and competent freediver, adapting to safe, efficient and conscientious Freedive-Harvesting and Spearfishing methods and practices

Freediving within their certification standards, students will be taught the fundamentals of safe Freedive-Harvesting, band-powered device handling as well as the basics of Ethical Freedive-Harvesting and Local Rules and Regulations. 

Focus of instructional material in BD's Freedive-Harvesting Course will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing as a safe-buddy system

  • Proper execution of safe-buddy system protocols

  • Classroom and In-water skill development covering such topics as: handling of band powered devices, safe freediving practices while harvesting, line management, signals and communication

  • Freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment use, management and maintenance. Learn the benefits specific freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment: why it works, how to maximize it's potential and how to keep your gear working for you.

Upon completing this course you’ll end your Tide to Table Experience on the final day with a Boat Charter Freedive-Harvesting Adventure guided by Bottom Dwellers Freediving. As a guided group you’ll set out to harvest in the local waters surrounding Tofino where you’ll return that afternoon to have the incredible staff at the 1909 Kitchen, led by Chef Paul Moran, prepare and serve you your catch and harvest over a final group dinner at TRM.

Course Schedule:

May 4 (Kennedy Lake): Freedive-Harvesting Confined Water 1 & Open Water 1 - 330-7pm @ Kennedy Lake
May 5: 4pm-7pm FH Class @ TRM
May 6: Freedive-Harvesting Charter 6am-1030am / Evening Tide to Table Experience

*Boat Fees are not included in the package price paid to Bottom Dwellers Freediving. Boat fees will be divided amongst the students in the course and paid directly to Tofino Resort + Marina.

Tofino Resort + Marina:

All Course and Package instruction and activity will occur at or depart from Tofino Resort + Marina via TRM’s Sprinter Van or by Boat. To make your course and stay easy, comfortable and convenient if you’re in need of accommodation, follow the link below to see what is available on site during the period of your course.

May 31-JUN 2 - $595* + GST


AUG 30-SEPT2 - 945* + GST

FREedive-Harvesting Course and
Tide to Table Expereince


Tide to Table-7.jpg

MAY 3-5 - $595* + GST



May 3-6 - 945* + GST

Includes BOTH May 3-5 PFI FREEDIVER &

MAY 4-6 FREedive-Harvesting Courses

Tide to Table Package - May 3-6


To hold a spot in the course, the form below must be filled out in full along with paying either a 50% deposit of the course fee or paying the course in full. Your spot in the course will not be held until both this form and the course deposit or full payment have been received by Bottom Dwellers. 

Payments may be made by arranging it with Bottom Dwellers directly, over the counter at HtO Surf Shop Uptown, or at our Online Store Here. Please be sure to fill out the required registration form below as well as making a full or deposit payment to reverse your seat in the class.

*IF A COURSE IS FULL and you are still interested in taking it, please feel free contact Bottom Dwellers by filling out the respective form for the course to be put on a wait list for that course. If a spot comes available, Bottom Dwellers will reach out to that wait list first to fill the course.

Performance Freediving International Courses offered by Bottom Dwellers Freediving provide the students within its courses with 'DAN's Student Medical Expense Coverage'

For more Information on the Freediver courses for such things as EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS and other important details please follow the course description link here:

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