with Michelle Yoga and Bottom Dwellers Freediving
1 Series - 4 Days - Nov 12/Nov 19/Nov 26/Dec 3rd
***LOCATION CHANGE*** New Location: 202-1600 Bay Street

Michelle Yoga For Freedivers

"Better Breath for a BETTER Dive"

Every single function your body performs requires oxygen. Having access to more oxygen by increasing one’s lung capacity is one of the key elements to prolonging and increasing your breathold as a freediver. This series is designed to help guide you to an increased lung capacity by providing you with a practice focusing on techniques for stretching and strengthening your respiratory muscles. Learn to utilize your ‘mind-and-body’ connection keeping yourself calm, confident and controlled to benefit your breath retention.

Over the course of four weeks Yoga Therapist Michelle Rubin will use her 3 decades of experience in breathing techniques to train the students to control, sustain and deepen their breath for overall better physical, mental and emotional functioning. 

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Series Cost: $55 per person (taxes included)

What's Included?

1 Full Series - 4 Classes - 1 Hour Sessions

Dates: Nov 12/Nov 19/Nov 26/Dec 3rd

Monday Afternoons - 4:30pm - 5:15pm

10 seats available / 10 students per class


Good Health, Good Attitude and Enjoy Good Times.

Aspirations to become Fish or Marine-Mammal-like in nature

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