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Confined and Open Water 'Coaching Sessions', as well as 'Line dives' can be booked directly through Bottom Dwellers upon request. If you're interested in 'Coaching Sessions', 'Line Dives' or 'Pool Sessions' please contact Bottom Dwellers as these classes can be arranged more regularly, with enough group interest.

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Every single function your body performs requires oxygen. Having access to more oxygen by increasing one’s lung capacity is one of the key elements to prolonging and increasing your breathold as a freediver. This series is designed to help guide you to an increased lung capacity by providing you with a practice focusing on techniques for stretching and strengthening your respiratory muscles. Learn to utilize your ‘mind-and-body’ connection keeping yourself calm, confident and controlled to benefit your breath retention.

Over the course of four weeks Yoga Therapist Michelle Rubin will use her 3 decades of experience in breathing techniques to train the students to control, sustain and deepen their breath for overall better physical, mental and emotional functioning. 

For more information on Michelle and what she is teaching visit

Yoga Freedivers Wreck

Coaching Sessions

Contact Bottom Dwellers and line up a 'Coaching Session' to work on PFI Freediver Level skillsets in a small or private lesson environment. 'Coaching Sessions' are available to work on your safety protocols and freediving techniques, keeping them sharp or improving upon certain areas of your choosing. 'Coaching Session' are also a great way to finish up skillsets which are needing completion for 'Freediver Level' certification.


Line Dives/Pools Sessions

'Line Dives' are currently booked upon request by contacting Bottom Dwellers. Come out and dive on the Bottom Dwellers freedive rig with a group of certified freedivers. Freedivers on 'Line Dives' must be certified and will manage their own safety. It is an excellent way for you and your dive buddies to keep your dive technique and safety protocols sharp. 

Static Apnea Safety Freedive

*To participate in any of Bottom Dwellers' courses, coaching sessions or line dives you must meet the requirements of the medical form provided by Performance Freediving International. Bottom Dwellers instructs the Performance Freediving International System which upholds the highest standards of educational foundation in our attempts to provide the safest and most efficient learning environment for our students. To consult this form, please follow the link below.

Before singing up for a course with Bottom Dwellers, please consult our Refund and Cancellation Policy Here