PDF Download Paperwork for Student Use in COURSES:

PDF Download Paperwork for Client Use in Coaching Sessions, Pool Sessions, line Dives and Charters:

Courses general:

What experience should I have to take the PFI Freediver Course?

  • Being a capable and competent swimmer of good health are the basic requirements of students wishing to take a PFI Freediver Level course. Having some basic snorkelling and freediving experience will benefit you in your performance throughout the course but is not a requirement. This course is designed to complete beginners and turn them into competent safe freedivers over the 2-3 days of the course.

What experience should I have to take the PFI Intermediate Freediver Courses?

  • Being a capable and competent swimmer of good health and having freediving experience at the PFI Freediver level where you are comfortable at depths in the 6m/20’-30m/100’ range. This course is perfect for a wide variety of skill levels and has a very thorough instructional platform where everyone whom takes it can find value in it.

When does BD run courses?

  • Bottom Dwellers offers and runs scheduled courses on it’s calendar from March-October each season. Private Bookings can be made year round based on 4+ student bookings. From October to March Bottom Dwellers enters ‘Winter Mode’ where it focuses more on offering Pool Training, Line Diving, Coaching sessions and Yoga Sessions to the Freediving Community. If there’s courses you are interested in during off season months contacting Bottom Dwellers could set you up to getting into another groups private. Don’t hesitate to contact us and state your interest!

DoES BD run Privates?

  • Yes! Private courses are booked off 4 person minimums. Contact us for more details or bookings!

How does Bottom Dwellers and PFI stand up to other Agencies?

  • Performance Freediving International is a world recognized Freedive Instruction Agency. Founded in 2000 by Kirk Krack, PFI has paved the way in Safety for the Freediving community world wide. From your daily recreational freediver to Red Bull Athletes to David Blaine to Special Forces and to Celebrity Block Buster Casts (Avatar II etc..) PFI has taught them all. To learn more about PFI and what sets PFI apart from other agencies head to the link here: Performance Freediving International. When choosing a Freedive Instructional System remember that this is the foundation of the skill sets you will be learning and engraining into your freediving practice and lifestyle moving forward. Not all systems are created equal, just as not all instructors are created equal. It is important to research and compare both the instructional system and the instructor teaching it when selecting a freediving course to assure you are getting the education and the experience you are seeking. For more information about Chris Adair of Bottom Dwellers, head to the Bio section on this website.

My Course:


General Paperwork:

To take part in Bottom Dwellers Programs open programs you are REQUIRED to have understood and filled out in full (including all relevant stamps and signatures if required) all the required paperwork for the specific program in which you are enrolled. Please consult the paperwork files at the top of page for examples of the paperwork required to partake in Bottom Dwellers Programs.

Medical Form:

  • The Medical form is required to be filled out in full to take your course. If you answer ‘YES’ to ANY of the questions you REQUIRE a Doctor’s STAMP AND SIGNATURE.

  • If you answer ‘No’ to ALL the questions on the Medical Form, No Doctor’s Stamp or Signature is required however you do still have to fill out, have witnessed, sign the form and have it handed in no later than the first day of class to partake in your course.

Equipment General:

Do I need to provide my own equipment for a course? What are the equipment requirements?

  • Yes! Students provide their own freediving equipment for their courses. For harvesting courses certain equipment will be provided by Bottom Dwellers. To consult the equipment requirements for each specific course follow the link here: Equipment Requirements.

My equipment is old/dated/Scuba Specific/ will this work?

  • At the PFI Freediver Level you can make almost any snorkelling or scuba style equipment work for you in your course as long as it is functional, fits well and provides you a safe learning experience. Having freediving specific equipment (long blade fins, low volume masks) will help benefit your performances but it will not make or break you experience of the course. Ultimately in the courses in the perfect world we will guide you towards the best equipment suitable for you as a freediver but we understand that not everyone has full freediving kits and setups and we teach you to work with the equipment you have. It would be wise to consider more freediving specific equipment when taking the Intermediate Freediver Level courses or higher as low volume masks and long blade fins will benefit your performance and enjoyment in hitting deeper depths in these courses.

Do you rent equipment?

  • Bottom Dwellers currently rents Oceaner 6.5 mm Freediving Wetsuits out of its limited stock to students or clients taking part in courses or charters. There are sizes from size 4 women’s to men’s XL currently in BD’s inventory for wetsuit rental. Outside of wetsuits BD does not make it common practice to rent equipment to students. For more information on rentals click here to view the Equipment Rental page.

Do I need a dive watch/Computer?

  • A timing device which can go to the depths you’ll be going in your course is the bare minimum requirement for your course. A Dive Watch/Computer is always better and will be a valuable piece of equipment to you as you progress as a freediver. Being able to efficiently and reliably calculate surface interval from your previous dive time and depth along with being able to time your buddies’ dives will create a safe diving environment for you and your dive buddies.


Do I need to be certified to take a charter?

  • Yes, to partake in a BD charter it is a requirement that participants must be certified in BD’s ‘Advanced Snorkeler’ program, the PFI Freediver Level or one of their equivalents or greater. For more information on these certification requirements please contact us.

I am certified by another Agency, Does this qualify me for BD Charters?

  • Being certified by another agency with a certification of equivalent or greater standing then the PFI Freediver level or BD’s ‘Advanced Snorkeler’ program will allow you to participate in BD Charter Programs. Proof of this certification must be provided to attend any charter and eligibility of this certification from another agency will be decided upon by Bottom Dwellers Freediving upon review.

Does BD run Freediving/Spearfishing Charters?

  • Yes we do! We run charters all over Vancouver Island and would love to get you out! If you don’t see a charter posted you’re looking for, please contact us and we will see what we can organize for you and your group! Charters can always be booked privately for you and your group.

DOES BD run pool sessions?

  • Pool Sessions run more frequently in the months of October to March. If you’re interested in getting into the pool outside of series or scheduled pool bookings, contact BD to see about arranging a private booking.