With the small instructor to student ratios in Bottom Dwellers offers in order to provide the best instruction possible for our courses in our environment, Bottom Dwellers is unable to issue refunds for cancellations of our courses. Although we are unable to issue refunds for our courses we will happily reschedule your course date to the next possible course which works for both parties. The rescheduling of this course due to cancellation will see the applicable administration fees as follows

  • For courses with more than 30 days notice: move your course with Bottom Dwellers to another course date with a $75 administration fee charge.
  • For courses with less than 30 days notice: move your course to another course date with an administration fee of 25% of the total cost of the course.
  • For courses within 14 days notice: move your course to another course date with an administration fee of 50% of the total cost of the course.
  • For courses with less then 7 days notice or no notice; losing your full payment of the course may occur unless Bottom Dwellers sees otherwise fit.
  • *For line dives, there will be limited spots available on the line and cancellation of a booking means someone else missing out on the dive and possibly not being able to run the line. The following cancellation fees are to encourage smooth operation of line dives and having them fun and full. If we can fill your spot there will be only a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the spot on the line. If the cancellation results in the line being unable to run there will be no refund and you will forfeit the full cost of the spot on the line.
  • *For coaching sessions, as it is a private booking, please see the private booking section below

PRIVATE COURSE CANCELLATIONS (including coaching Sessions)

Private courses and coaching sessions are booked and set by the client/student in conjunction with Bottom Dwellers. By doing so, Bottom Dwellers has arranged, organized and scheduled specific dates for your course, putting them aside for your private booking. Due to the nature of this, no refunds will be made available for private bookings made with Bottom Dwellers. Bottom Dwellers will work with you to reschedule your deposits or full payments for another date which is to be filled within a 1 year period from the date of cancellation. After this period, there will be no rescheduling unless Bottom Dwellers deems it possible. Private bookings are package price bookings and the full price of the booking must still be paid in full. There is no alteration of the package price through single person cancellations within the booking once the package price is agreed upon. It is to be paid in full as a package. 


At Bottom Dwellers we will do everything within our power to avoid any type of cancellation or postponing of our courses, coaching sessions and line dives. Due to some variables being out of Bottom Dwellers' control, there will be from time to time, the necessity to reschedule a course, coaching session or line dive. Such things including, but not limited to: weather events, pool cancellation out of Bottom Dwellers' control, and unforeseen circumstances with the open water site and location. You will be given the option to reschedule and complete any unfinished course segments at another date suitable to both yourself and Bottom Dwellers. If you need to finish missing course segments for reasons other than these out of Bottom Dweller's control, you can do so for $100/day during a future course date with availability. Bottom Dwellers reserves the right to cancel any course, coaching session and line dive dates if there is a less then efficient class attendance rate: (courses: less than 3 students registered); (coaching sessions: less than 2 registered students); (line dives: less than 2 registered students). If this occurs, Bottom Dwellers will give no less than 10 days notice of the change. Bottom Dwellers will then do its best to help rectify any situation arisen from cancellations to the best of their abilities.


To secure your spot in a course, Bottom Dwellers must receive both your regsitration and either a 50% deposit or full payment. Any outstanding course balance is due by the start of the course. To make payments for our courses you can pay on our website or in person with Chris Adair or at HtO Surf Shop Uptown.

Please follow the respective links to consult our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement at Bottom Dwellers.