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Bottom Dwellers offers the following courses from Performance Freediving International ( educational programs. Performance Freediving International Courses offered by Bottom Dwellers Freediving provide the students within its courses with 'DAN's Student Medical Expense Coverage'


***Refresher Courses: Previous Bottom Dwellers Students can take advantage of last minute course booking changes with a refresher course. For a discounted price you can take the same course again to finish up certifications or get more dive experience with coaching from a freediving professional. This is only applicable if you're previously a Bottom Dwellers Freediving Student of this particular course. Contact Bottom Dwellers for more information.***

The Essentials. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

The Essentials. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

PFI freediver

In this course you will be taught the fundamental building blocks of Freediving. You will learn freediving skills and techniques and experience first hand how these will benefit you within an aquatic environment. You will learn about the physics and physiology of freediving and how your body adapts to being at depth. The PFI Freediver course will allow you to reach depths of up to 20m/66' deep during our open water sessions. In confined water sessions the PFI Freediver course will also have you explore and practice Static Apnea with the goal of increasing your breath-hold capabilities and learning to better manage your body for freediving.

Focus of instructional material in the PFI Freediver course will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures as well as rescue and risk management
  • Proper Surface prep and Recovery Breathing Techniques for Freediving and Snorkelling
  • Open-water and Confined-water skills development. Take what you learn in the classroom to the pool, and from the pool to the ocean. Learn and improve proper freediving techniques and skills, including, but not limited to: safety procedures, breathing techniques, entry techniques, constant weight and free immersion techniques, equalization techniques, emergency procedures ...
  • Learn about proper freediving equipment: why it works and how to maintain it.
Uni Harvest. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Uni Harvest. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Bottom Dwellers':

This course bridges the gap for the 'certified freediver' allowing them to grow as a safe and competent freediver, adapting to safe, efficient and conscientious Freedive-Harvesting and Spearfishing methods and practices

Freediving within their certification standards, students will be taught the fundamentals of safe Freedive-Harvesting, band-powered device handling as well as the basics of Ethical Freedive-Harvesting and Local Rules and Regulations. 

Focus of instructional material in BD's Freedive-Harvesting Course will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing as a safe-buddy system
  • Proper execution of safe-buddy system protocols
  • Classroom and In-water skill development covering such topics as: handling of band powered devices, safe freediving practices while harvesting, line management, signals and communication
  • Freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment use, management and maintenance. Learn the benefits specific freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment: why it works, how to maximize it's potential and how to keep your gear working for you.

Snack time... Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Snack time... Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Bottom dwellers'
Freedive-Harvester Package

This package on offer from Bottom Dwellers is a two course package.

Learn proper and safe Freediving Techniques from a PFI Professional in the 'PFI Freediver' course.  Take those skillsets learnt and adapt them to Marine Harvesting Applications in Bottom Dweller's 'Freedive-Harvesting Course' where you'll learn about local marine life, rules and regulations, risk management and valuable techniques and skillsets (including band-powered device handling) for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing.

These two courses together create Bottom Dwellers' 'Freedive-Harvester Package' to get you freediving, spearfishing and harvesting in the marine environemnt safely and competently.


PFI Safe Buddy

The PFI Safe Buddy program was designed by PFI to create a platform upon which its students and customers, certified or not, could learn about the safety procedures, rescue techniques and risk management methods which accompany safe freediving practices. This program was designed by PFI with the intention of helping increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course focuses solely on the safety and problem management for apnea training along with near blackout (Loss of Motor Control etc.) and blackout management. It does not include instruction for any freediving or breath-hold techniques as does the PFI Freediver courses.


PFI snorkeler

The PFI snorkeler course is the entry level course in the PFI education platform which Bottom Dwellers instructs. By taking the PFI Snorkeler course you will learn proper safety and problem management techniques, skills, techniques and the basics of surface snorkelling with the option of limited skin dives to a maximum of 5m/16'. Taking the PFI Snorkeler course will allow you when completed, to enjoy the aquatic world in a safe and knowledgeable manner. Heading on a warm water trip? Book a snorkeler course and head off on your adventure with the right knowledge to enjoy it safely and skillfully with the whole family. 


Every single function your body performs requires oxygen. Having access to more oxygen by increasing one’s lung capacity is one of the key elements to prolonging and increasing your breathold as a freediver. This series is designed to help guide you to an increased lung capacity by providing you with a practice focusing on techniques for stretching and strengthening your respiratory muscles. Learn to utilize your ‘mind-and-body’ connection keeping yourself calm, confident and controlled to benefit your breath retention.

Over the course of four weeks Yoga Therapist Michelle Rubin will use her 3 decades of experience in breathing techniques to train the students to control, sustain and deepen their breath for overall better physical, mental and emotional functioning. 

For more information on Michelle and what she is teaching visit



Contact Bottom Dwellers and line up a 'Coaching Session' to work on PFI Freediver Level skillsets in a small group or private lesson environment. 'Coaching Sessions' are available to work on your safety protocols and freediving techniques, keeping them sharp and improving upon certain areas of your choosing. 'Coaching Sessions' are also a great way to finish up skillsets which are needing completion for 'Freediver Level' Certification. For more information on rates and bookings follow the link below:



'Line Dives' are currently booked upon request by contacting Bottom Dwellers. Come out and freedive on the Bottom Dwellers freedive rig with a group of certified freedivers. Freedivers on 'Line Dives' must be Certified and will manage their own safety. It is an excellent way for you and your dive buddies to keep your dive technique and safety protocols sharp. For more information on rates and bookings follow the link below:



*To participate in any of Bottom Dwellers' courses, coaching sessions or line dives you must meet the requirements of the medical form provided by Performance Freediving International. Bottom Dwellers instructs the Performance Freediving International System which upholds the highest standards of educational foundation in our attempts to provide the safest and most efficient learning environment for our students. To consult this form, please follow the link below.


Before singing up for a course with Bottom Dwellers, please consult our Refund and Cancellation Policy Here