If you're a capable and competent freediver looking to take your freediving to the next level; wanting to learn to freedive deep safely;  to dive deeper and have longer breath holds; to have a full understanding of the physics and physiology which affects you as a freediver and how to apply this science to applicable real life situations and scenarios. The PFI Intermediate Freediver level course is for you.


In this course you will be taught the fundamental building blocks of Freediving and expand upon them in detail throughout the course. You will learn freediving skills and techniques at an Intermediate Level and experience first hand how these will benefit you within an aquatic environment. You will learn about the physics and physiology of freediving and how your body adapts to the aquatic environment. The PFI Intermediate Freediver Course will allow you to reach depths of up 40m/135' deep during our open water sessions. In confined water sessions in this course you will also become seasoned with Static Apnea training, the goal of which would be increasing your breath-hold capabilities and learning to better manage your body for freediving.

Focus of instructional material in the PFI Intermediate Freediver Course will be on:

• Proper Safety Practices and Procedures at an Intermediate Level
• Proper Surface prep and Recovery Breathing Techniques for Freediving
• Open-water and Confined-water skills development. Take what you learn in the classroom to the pool, and from the pool to the ocean. Learn and improve proper freediving techniques and skills at an Intermediate Level including, but not limited to: safety procedures, breathing techniques, entry techniques, FRC and RV training protocols, constant weight and free immersion techniques, equalization techniques, emergency procedures ...
• Learn about proper freediving equipment: why it works and how to maintain it.

Performance Freediving International Courses offered by Bottom Dwellers Freediving provide the students within its courses with 'DAN's Student Medical Expense Coverage'


Course prerequisites:

  • Basic experience in Scuba, Freediving or a Competent & Capable Snorkeler comfortable with some time at depth.

  • Good bill of health and fitness - (see attached medical form)

  • 19 years of age minimum

  • You’d like to learn to hold your breath between 3-5 minutes

  • You’d like to learn to dive in the 25m-40m/80’-135’ Safely and Competently

  • *Note: If your response to any of the medical form questions is 'YES', you will require a doctors signature of approval to participate in any Bottom Dwellers & Performance Freediving International's courses. Please contact Bottom Dwellers if you have any questions about the medical form.

Course Format:

Bottom Dwellers Courses will be held between local pool facilities for class and pool sessions and an open water dive site for open water sessions. For up to date information on these locations check out the course details for the specific class you wish to attend.

  • 4 days (specific courses and locations vary depending on scheduling, be sure to consult the specific course you are interested in taking for specific details)

  • Over the 4 days your course will have in some shape or form:

    • 4 classroom sessions (total of 12 hours)

    • 2 confined water sessions (total of 6* hours)

    • 3 open water session (total of 7.5 hours)

    • ***Bottom Dwellers offers 1 additional hour of confined-water session time to the standard PFI Freediver courses allowing more time to focus on entries to benefit your open-water sessions and to assure completing 'Dynamic Apnea' for Pool-Only certification. *Pool location may limit ability to perform dynamics and pool time may vary from 6 hours to 5 hours depending on the course.***

  • Example of Bottom Dwellers' Intermediate Freediver Course Schedule and Format

    • (Day 1) Friday: Class 1: 8am-11am / Class 2: 12pm-3pm / Pool 1: 4pm-7pm

    • (Day 2) Saturday: Class 1: 8am-11am / Pool 2: 12pm-3pm / Class 4pm-7pm

    • (Day 3) Sunday: Open Water 1: 8am-12pm / Open Water 2: 1pm-4pm

    • (Day 4) Monday: 8am-12pm open water / Course Wrap-Up (Optional)

Equipment Requirements:

As part of the instruction of the PFI Freediver courses, you will learn to select, manage and maintain your personal freediving equipment. The PFI Freediver level course requires each student to have in their possession for the course:

  • PFI Freediver Course book (Provided by instructor prior to course)

  • Full Wetsuit (5-7mm for cold-water locations, with a strong recommendation of a 7mm freediving suit or at a minimum 5mm open-cell freediving suit. Open water sessions are long and the cold can affect your performance and experience in the course)

  • Mask & Snorkel

  • Weight-Belt and weights

  • Fins

  • Timing device or Dive Computer

COST: $1040 plus applicable taxes.

***Costs vary from course to course and location to location. Please check the specific course for which you wish to register for accurate and up to date pricing on this particular course.***

Included in the cost of the course is:

  • Personalized instruction from a highly trained freediving professional

  • 1 instructor/assistant : 4 student divers ratio . Bottom Dwellers offers a very small class ratio to maximize the experience of its students and allow for less time between dives during its open water sessions. (if this ratio changes for a specific course it will be noted. Max students in a course will be 6)

  • PFI Intermediate Freediver Student Manual & Workbook

  • Pool & Classroom sessions and Open-Water instruction

  • Certification card

  • Bottom Dwellers T-shirt


To secure your spot in a course, Bottom Dwellers must receive your registration information and either a 50% deposit or full payment for the course. Any outstanding course balance is due by the start of the course. To see our current available courses, follow the link below.