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Private Freedive-Harvester Package & Charter Aug 23-26

  • Victoria BC Canada (map)

Private Freedive Harvester Package

AUG 23-26

*Dates Booked*

Private Freedive-Harvester Package + Charter Includes:

  • PFI Freediver Course

  • Bottom Dwellers' Freedive-Harvesting Course

  • Pool and Class Time

Learn proper and safe Freediving Techniques from a PFI Professional in the 'PFI Freediver' course.  Take those skillsets learnt and adapt them to Marine Harvesting Applications in Bottom Dweller's 'Freedive-Harvesting Course' where you'll learn about local marine life, rules and regulations, risk management and valuable techniques and skillsets (including band-powered device handling) for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing.

These two courses together create Bottom Dwellers' 'Freedive-Harvester Package' to get you freediving, spearfishing and harvesting in the marine environemnt safely and competently.

$855 + GST